Coveting | J.Crew Ludlow Italian Cotton Sportcoat

Every season I do what any sensible guy would do; I clean out my closet pitching or selling items I haven’t worn in a year (more on that in a future post), and making room for newer, better things.
For this spring, I am coveting the J.Crew Ludlow cotton sportcoat shown here. Sure, I could go into spring wearing the same sportcoats I’ve been wearing all winter, but what fun is that? I’ve been looking for a good cotton blazer alternative for a few years now. Up until recently anything affordable didn’t look or fit great, and anything that did was well out of my price range. Not to say I have any money to spend on clothes right now, but the moment I do this is what I will probably buy.

It is described on as follows:

This version of the Ludlow sportcoat is made from a special cotton we developed with the Larusmiani mill in Milan, Italy (it’s lightweight with a clean finish). The body is completely unconstructed, which means that it’s made without any of the internal canvasing and padding that give your suit jackets their precise silhouettes. It also makes it a little more casual and ideal for warm weather. Think of it as the kind of jacket that you throw over an armchair rather than put on a hanger, but it still looks polished. 
Ludlow fit. Italian cotton. Notch collar. Chest pocket, patch pockets. Nonfunctional buttons at cuffs. Double vent. Unlined. Dry clean. Import.

One of the things I really like about it is that it is sized numerically rather than small, medium, large, etc. This way I know I am getting the same great fit I get from my other Ludlow jackets. It is also light enough to welcome the warmer sunny afternoons, but not as light as my linen blend options that I save for the dog days of summer. Plus the blue is fantastic! I would wear this with everything from blue denim jeans to white jeans, khaki, light blue, or grey chinos, or even lighter colored wool trousers. Throw on a pair of penny or tassel loafers, and we’re good to go. Finally, you’d be hard pressed to beat the $228 price tag for a jacket of this caliber.


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