Making The Rounds | Food & Fashion Unite, Proper Thank You Notes, & Going Green

Charles Tyrwhitt presents ‘The Race’A neat little video from one of my favorite shirt brands

Google Play Music Hosts Blue Moon Dinner at The Surf Lodge (Hamptons Magazine)

Why Fashion Retailers Are Staging Food Experiences (Business of Fashion)

Bespoke Post tackles How to Write a Proper Thank You Note (Bespoke Post)

Gear Patrol presents a Style Guide to Annie Hall (Gear Patrol)

Fashion Wants Guys To Wear Green This Fall, So Here’s How (Huffington PostI knew all that green in my Focus on Fall post was not a coincidence. They’re in my head!

Is Todd Snyder the Next Great American Menswear Designer? (MR)

David Wright may soon be back on the field for the 1ST PLACE METS! (MetsBlog)

And in other news, I will be attending my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. I am excited to see some good friends, and others – some of whom I haven’t seen since graduation. While I don’t feel like 1995 was yesterday, it’s amazing how short 20 years feels. As I approach my 38th birthday I have to wonder what the next 20 years will be like. What will the fashion trends be? What’s the next big technological advancement? What will replace the smart phone? Or the digital music file? Will the Mets win the World Series? Will hamburgers be bigger and juicier? These are serious questions; but they are for another day.



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