The Oxford Shirt

Uniqlo Oxford Shirts

I like wearing an oxford shirt. (The O.C.B.D. – Oxford Cloth Button-Down.) It’s classic. It’s easy. It can be dressed up, or down. I have casual versions, super casual versions, & dress shirts in the button-down and spread collar varieties. When I find something that fits me well and looks good, I will buy it in multiple colors and patterns. 

This was originally the case with the J.Crew oxfords. In my heavier days the large regular fit casual oxford was my go to shirt for work (I worked in a very casual office) and weekends. When I lost 30 lbs I sized down to medium. I tried the slim version, but it was too slim. However, I still found the regular fit to be a bit too boxy.

I recently purchased my first oxford from Uniqlo. Their regular fit sits somewhere between the J.Crew regular and slim fit varieties. It’s a little longer in the body (forces me to tuck it in; except with shorts), yet has shorter sleeves (good for my 32″ arms), and feels more polished like those from Brooks Brothers. After purchasing my first, I went on to buy three more. I now have two in shades of blue, one white, and one pink. The problem is all the new arrivals are slim fit. Go into a Uniqlo store now and all their regular fit oxfords are on sale for like $10, and the new arrivals are all slim fit. A recent inquiry informed me that they are not sure as to when they will replenish the regular fit. It’s a shame because these are my new favorites. I own others from Old Navy (which fits surprisingly well,) and Gant, plus dressier versions from Brooks BrothersSid Mashburn, and the Americano by Bonobos (but more on that one later.)

I am hoping that Uniqlo realizes that not all of their customers are built like people who’ve never eaten a cheeseburger, and stock some new regular fit oxfords. As you can see in the images above, they have lots of great new choices in slim fit – colors like red, gray, yellow, and navy in both solid and stripe. The only thing missing is one in green – a favorite of a certain cool customer back in the 1950’s (but more on him later).



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