The Execution by Dick Wolf

Sometimes we read the classics. Sometimes we immerse ourselves in a New York Times Best Seller. Sometimes we even look to Oprah for recommendations. Then there are the times we simply crave a little brain candy; an easy read that keeps us engaged enough to want to know what happens at the end. The Execution is one of the latter novels. It’s the second in the Jeremy Fisk series of books by Law & Order creator, Dick Wolf The first, The Intercept was a fast-paced thriller about a detective (Fisk) chasing a terrorism lead around New York City just as the “Freedom Tower” was to be christened by President Obama. His follow-up, which played off the first book was still quick, though not as exciting. It was still brutal in its descriptions of certain crimes and crime scenes. Wolf also seems to have a particular disdain for “hipsters,” which I can certainly relate to, and find thoroughly amusing. I look forward to reading the third book in the series, The Ultimatum



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