Closet Essentials Pt 1 | Cashmere

Navy Cashmere V-NeckGrey Cashmere Crew Neck







So, last weekend I began the grueling task of sifting through my closet to determine which items I still wear in heavy rotation, which others I should keep, and which I should pitch. I narrowed the pitch pile down to three older, ill-fitting dress shirts. Ok, so not a great start. But to be honest, I tend to go through my clothes at the beginning of each season when I switch from summer to fall, then winter to spring. This organizing task wasn’t really meant to get rid of stuff though. It was to determine which items (or group of items) I wear most, and find “essential” to my, or – if I were giving sartorial advice – any man’s wardrobe who is my age, height, weight, and in a similar working situation. So, if you’re 38, 5’8″, 179 lbs (down 2 lbs from last week!), and work as an outside business development manager please read on. If not, you may still continue.

My first most important item was not my navy blazer (though I do get plenty of use out of it.) I list first my navy cashmere v-neck, and grey cashmere crew neck sweaters from Uniqlo. In my stack of dark sweaters of varying makeup and label it’s these two that get the most play throughout the late fall, winter work days, and spring. They are light enough to wear under a jacket, yet warm enough to keep me cozy on days like today. And no colors work better with more items than navy and grey. I’ll wear the v-neck over an oxford, or a dress shirt. The crew gets a little more play over both the oxfords and dress shirts, but also simply thrown over a t-shirt. If I am traveling for business they are often the only two sweaters I bring along.


Today, for instance I threw the v-neck on over a Rugby Ralph Lauren (RIP) plaid dress shirt, charcoal wool twill pants from J.Crew, and brown long wings from Allen Edmonds. It’s a pretty standard outfit for me, and works on days like today when I am alone in my office, and don’t have any face to face meetings scheduled. However, should one pop up, I would be confident enough to run right out without worrying about changing.



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