Closet Essentials Pt 2 | Oxford Shirts

Men's Solid Oxford Sport Shirt - Brooks Brothers

When walking through a store with my wife, I will get the eye roll anytime I look at “yet another” button-down oxford shirt. But seeing as I wear one (of some variety) nearly every day, it’s hardly just another shirt.

Cotton oxford is one of the most classic and versatile of shirt cloths, and is available in both casual and dress versions from nearly every menswear shop. To say I have a few is like saying Babe Ruth hit a few home runs.

The one pictured above is a current favorite casual version from the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece line. It is a slimmer cut shirt that I wear casually with jeans, chinos, cords, or heavier wool pants. I own it in blue (above), blue candy stripe, and grey candy stripe. I also own from them a blue, and a blue candy stripe dress shirt in their Milano cut; the slimmest available in their main line dress shirts. I will wear those with a suit and tie, or with a blazer or sports jacket, and any variety of pants. There has been a lot of press this past week as Brooks has re-released the classic O.C.B.D. in it’s original splendor with a softer, unlined collar and cuffs. Brooks Brothers released a post about it on their blog, but you can also read about it on Ivy-Style here, here, here, and here. It clocks in at a whopping $140 which is $45 more than the previous lined version. But apparently it stacks up against similar American-made shirts. Perhaps I will purchase one after my buying freeze expires at the end of March.

Me today with my Brooks Brothers Red Fleece blue O.C.B.D., J.Crew 770 cords, J.Crew heavy wool herringbone Ludlow jacket, Sid Mashburn belt, and Allen Edmonds shoes.

I have also enjoyed versions of the shirt by J.Crew – which I find to be best in summer, worn casually with shorts – and Uniqlo – which had been perfect in cut, cloth, and price until they decided to do away with their regular fit, and sell only slim fit which does not work for me at all!

Have a favorite shirt? Tell me about it.



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