Closet Essentials Pt 5 | Jeans


I realized while going through many of my recent Instagram posts that I wear jeans more often than I thought. I mean, it makes sense. I work in a private office. I leave usually only when scheduled to meet with a client, or to travel to my company’s main office. On those days I will usually wear either chinos or wool trousers. Even on days I spend alone in my office I will wear chinos (more on that next week.) But with the way the weather has been, and for the simple reason of it just being easy, I have grown to trust and love my jeans.

My well-worn Levis 514’s

There was a time some years ago when I never wore jeans. I was in college and also working for a high end menswear label, and for whatever reason just rarely wore them. Seems very un-college of me, right? This is probably when I landed my first big job that launched my career on the back end of retail that eventually I started dressing younger. I had missed the casual train in school, and was now reliving it.

The last few years, however I’ve mixed it up quite a bit. I’ll wear wool trousers and a sweatshirt, or jeans with a blazer, shirt, and tie, aka. the menswear mullet. I’ve been partial to Levis 514‘s, but have also enjoyed wearing my J.Crew 770‘s – their slim, but not skinny fit, and also my J.Crew Factory Sutton jeans – what I would says is their outlet version of the 770 – which I have in dark blue, olive, and kind of a wheat-off-white.

Sutton Jeans Dark Rinse
Sutton Jeans Dark Rinse
Sutton Jeans Wheat
Sutton Jeans Wheat
770 Jean in Riverton Wash
770 Jean in Riverton Wash

Come spring, I will most certainly get more use out of my chinos. Something about wearing dark jeans in the warm months – it just doesn’t work for me.



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