No, that title is not a nod to Leonardo DiCaprio or any of the other 2016 Oscar winners. While I am happy for Leo and Brie and others who made movies most of which I didn’t see because I’m the parent of a toddler, and when we do get a chance to go out it’s rarely to go to the movies (but I did see Star Wars The Force Awakens) this is about the new album of that name by the Australian hard rock band, Wolfmother. I remember when I heard the first few bars of their self-titled debut. I thought, “Kristina (wife) would love this!” Little did I realize, so would I. They are clearly influenced by bands like Led Zepplin Black Sabbath. Though, I would put them in a category all their own. Very few bands are (successfully) making music like this anymore. Their completely non-ironic take on 70’s and 80’s Metal is a refreshing change from much of the mainstream rock music today.

While Wolfmother hardly reinvents themselves from album to album, there is still a feeling of freshness and newness on each of their records. Perhaps this is because they take their time between releases. I don’t know. Does it matter?

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