What I’ll Be Wearing This Fall Featuring (Mostly) J.Crew

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this site. I’ve been concentrating mostly on my Instagram account, but also on real life stuff like work and family. But my interest in things hasn’t waned in the least. I’ve kept my own personal journal of items and styles (etc.) of interest.

Today, J.Crew dropped their new fall arrivals coinciding with their September Style Guide. While it’s still hot and humid outside, I think ahead to those cooler fall days where I don’t completely sweat through my clothing during my morning commute.

Below, I have posted some of the images from the September Style Guide. The images I have chosen reflect how I see myself dressing this fall. Most are items already in my wardrobe. Some will need to be obtained. 


I work in a shared office space in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC, NY. My company is actually based in central NJ, and on the occasion that I visit that office, I like to step up my style. Hell, I’ll even dress up to sit in my remote office by myself. Because you never know who you will run into during the day, or if a customer will call for a meeting that day.

I wear dark brown wing tip brogues most days in the fall. They look good with most items in my closet. I love the way they look here with the glen plaid pants (to purchase), shirt & tie (own), and camel-colored merino v-neck (to purchase.)


I’ve never been much of a sneakers to work kind of guy. I can see myself sporting the green athletic Nikes on the weekend. The white tennis shoes, however could be incorporated into my more formal everyday outfits.


Great kit! I’d love to get a new black & white herringbone tweed jacket for the fall. I love my other Ludlow jackets. This one would be a nice addition to the mix.


I’ve been thinking about a quilted jacket for a few years now. I’ve been wearing my old British Millerain waxed jacket purchased at a J.Crew sample sale for probably six of seven years now, along with a lightweight down jacket from Uniqlo. I still like the waxed jacket. The Uniqlo jacket is nothing special. This will hardly make me stand out, but that’s not the intention. I like it here with the polo and sweats, though you’ll probably never see me in sweats unless I’m going for a jog. Though, I would wear sweats minus the ankle cuff on a weekend morning running errands with my daughter.


This is a tuxedo jacket. Probably would stick to something simpler like my cotton navy blazer, or the quilted jacket shown above. Still a cool overall look though.


Oxford shirts. Can never have enough of them.


I want a new rain coat for fall. I bought one from Uniqlo a few years ago. It’s starting to show it’s wear, and frankly it doesn’t do that great of a job keeping the rain off. While I like this look, I think I would prefer the navy single breasted Ludlow shown at the bottom.


This is pretty much how I dress every day from October 1 until spring. Sometimes with a tie, but usually without one.

Royall Rugby

Once the air feels cool in the morning I switch from Royall Lyme to Royall Rugby, and I wear it through to Memorial Day. I purchase this at Brooks Brothers. Recently bought a new bottle at the outlet in the Poconos.

This is the green version of the Ludlow raincoat that I want to buy in navy. Also, the ShedRain umbrella in blackwatch, and the new Ludlow Chelsea boots in snuff suede.

In conclusion, if I purchase everything I want here it will run me over $1,300. That’s the raincoat, the quilted coat, the sports jacket, the chelsea boots, sneakers, umbrella, a shirt, and the glenplaid pants. I will think about what I really want (and need) and will report back.

Thanks for reading!

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