Dealing With Disappointment

UPDATE Sept. 30, 2016…

I meant to write this update about a month ago, but honestly I forgot. So, the shorts came back with a replenishment of sizes, and on Sept. 2 I pulled the trigger, getting the shorts for about $45. They were a little snug, but I will be saving them for next summer anyway when hopefully I’m about 10-15 lbs thinner.

F2411_WU6005J.Crew seems to have a new promotion every day. Once in a while, however an item is put on sale that makes you say, “Wow!” and then as you are about to pull the trigger you say, “Hmm…” And you sit on it for an hour or a day. Then something triggers in your brain and you say, “Yeah!” And when you get back to your saved shopping cart you say, “DOH!” in your best possibleĀ Homer Simpson voice because you were too slow, and now the item is sold out, never to return – at least not until next year, and definitely not at this price.

That happened to me today with these patchwork madras shorts from J.Crew. They were put on sale for $59.99 minus another 30% bringing the total to about $42, plus $5 shipping. Not an amazing price for a pair of shorts I’ll wear maybe two or three more times this summer, but not a bad price either. Good news is, if you wear a 29, 30, or 31 waist, there are still a few available. Click here to buy them.

Moral of the story is, if you see something you really, really want, and the price seems fair, then just do it. Because others are thinking the same things, but they’re quicker than you are.

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