So, Here We Are

Nov 8 2016

This is a lighthearted site where I talk music and clothing and food and sometimes about my family. Today feels very different though. Yesterday I woke up with excitement and hope. I took my daughter with me to the polling place and voted for the candidate that I thought was most qualified to lead our country at least for the next four years. Was she my first choice? No. But between Hillary and our new president-elect, I felt she was the only choice.

Last night after I put my daughter to bed, I poured myself a Scotch, and tuned in to watch the election results. What I saw as the night went on terrified me. I know Clinton was not a popular candidate, but how were we about to elect Donald Trump to the highest office in the country? And then it happened. While I was asleep (sort of) they called it. In just over two months, Barack Obama will give the keys to the White House to Donald Trump.

I grew up in New York. Donald Trump has been in the news for as long as I can remember. And you know what? I have never liked him. People talked about how much they respected him as a business man and yada yada. Not me.

So, here we are. The only words I can use to describe the mood this morning as I walked my daughter to school through the streets of Brooklyn are stunned silence. This is our own fault. Here in New York we are in what I guess we can call a Liberal bubble. There’s a large chunk of the country that doesn’t believe in the same things we do. And they turned out in large numbers where it counted. We move forward. Hopefully most of his rhetoric was just that. Hopefully we can come together as the great country we are and make the best of the next four years.

Nov 9 2016



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