Reviving Fit

This is not – I repeat, IS NOT going to turn into a fitness blog. Ok? Just so we’re clear. Ok?

Now that’s out of the way, we can get down to business.


Every year it seems I do the same thing. I start a fitness regimen at the beginning of the year. I follow it to some degree through March when I run the NYC Half Marathon. Then I fall off a bit and hobble through the Brooklyn Half in May. Then all bets are off. I drink beer and eat what I want through the summer, then I say I will try to slim down again, but not until after the holidays. By the time the holiday parties roll around, nothing fits. Sound familiar? I’m sure many share a similar pattern.

This year, however I had my annual physical exam, and my doctor brought my cholesterol to my attention…again. But this time it was even higher than in the past. And I have a 15% blockage in one of my arteries. Nothing to worry about, he said. But he did suggest I lower my cholesterol if I don’t want that blockage to get worse. I asked how to do that. Eat less dairy. Eat less fatty meat. Eat more fibrous vegetables. Exercise! Oddly, he didn’t mention cutting back on booze. But I will. Going to cut back on the hard stuff, and stick mostly to red wine…for the antioxidants, of course.



So, where am I going with this? I need help. I know what I have to do as far as eating and exercising are concerned. And sleep. I need to sleep better! I’m asking for help on being accountable. I really only have myself and my wife and my daughter to be accountable to. My 3 year old daughter is not going to call me out. My wife won’t do it either. So, I’m asking my readers to call me out. If I come back in a month, and have not dropped 4-5 lbs, I want you to call me our on it. I clocked in at 181.9 on January 2nd. The NYC Half is in 10 1/2 weeks. I should be able to drop between 7-10 lbs in that time if I stay focused. Then I want to drop another 4-5 lbs by the time the Brooklyn Half rolls around in May, with the ultimate goal of reaching 165 lbs.

Will you help?


Thank you.



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