Archive Dig

The more I try to update my style the more I realize how my personal style has remained a constant over the last several years.

I was recently going through my Google Drive archives and found a number of “kits” I created for an older blog. Looking through each kit I feel I would still wear most, if not all items. And since I had so much fun (yeah!) looking through what I coveted five years ago, I thought I would share them with you too!

#1 – Paris by Day


Around this time in 2013 (though I made these in 2012, I think) my wife was about two months pregnant with our daughter, and we were planning a May trip to France for a friend’s wedding. The wedding would be held in Bordeaux, but we’d also planned to spend two or three days at the beginning, and one day at the end in Paris. I created the first two kits for Paris in the daytime and Paris at night. I ended up purchasing a jacket similar to this one made by Spiewak that I still wear to this day. These days I may wear all of this during an afternoon stroll through the city of lights except for maybe the horizontal striped shirt. Or maybe I would.

#2 – Paris by Night


If you’ve been to Paris you know it’s a wonderful city during the day, but at night it is simply magical. May in Paris is cool, but certainly not cold. Going out at night you want to dress neatly, for sure. It’s certainly not a requirement these days to wear a tie or even a sports jacket, but you should look put together. I am certain I sported this look while there, same as I sport this look now. I would love to get a new pair of Alden chukkas, but other expenses prevail. Though, I may look into a khaki raincoat for spring as opposed to the green version I highlighted in another recent post.

#3 – Saturday BBQ


Back here in the good old US of A, we like to get together with friends on the weekend to cook out in the back yard. And while conversations this coming spring and summer may lean towards political views or fears, you can be sure we’d at least look relaxed. This year I’d probably still favor a pair of Sperry Topsiders over flip flops. And that tote would be loaded with toys, snacks, and changes of clothes for my daughter.

#4 – Summer Friday


Summer Fridays don’t really exist for me anymore. I spend most days in an office by myself where I can wear anything I want (within reason,) and the only days I leave early are those I plan on ahead of time. If I were traveling to my company’s main office in the spring or summer, I may wear this just because it’s a day that ends in Y, though I’m not sure I’d need a duffel bag for that. Once you’re a parent,  there are no impromptu trips.

#5 – Sunday Brunch


Jeans? Check! Sneaks? Check! Ray Ban Caravans? Check! Flask? Um, not these days. Not that I’m not drinking, but if I go out for Sunday brunch, 99% of the time I’ll be with my wife & daughter, and if I do have a drink I will not be sneaking it in the back of the restaurant.

This all just goes to show that while fashion is cyclical, for many of us our personal style is our personal style, and it will remain somewhat constant from year to year. Now I just need to find a new excuse to take a trip to Paris…



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