Car Coated


Way back in 2003 (maybe even earlier) I purchased a navy pea coat from American Eagle. It was a bit boxy, but functional. And warm! Fast forward 14+ years. The jacket is still part of my winter rotation (see below), but it’s starting to show its age.


Side story (but related, I promise) I also have a J.Crew herringbone sports jacket I purchased probably in 2006 or 2007 that I’ve tried to wear again more recently, but it just feels dated. And too big. I posted it to eBay, but it wasn’t selling. A friend saw my post and turned me on to a site called Poshmark. It was built as a women’s app for reselling apparel and accessories, but has since opened to men as well. I listed the jacket, and it still hasn’t sold. (won’t somebody take it home?)


Back to the coat – so, Poshmark allows you to pick the brands you want to follow so it’s easy to review listings. And people post stuff all the time. And sell it cheap! I was eyeing a Bonobos rain coat for $50 that disappeared before I could think about it. Then I started thinking about my winter coat. In addition to my pea coat I also have a Uniqlo ultra-light down jacket, and another old J.Crew herringbone overcoat. But what I wanted was something that straddled the line between formal and casual in navy blue (my favorite shade.) I found the wool car coat (pictured above) listed for about $55. It’s a warm, Thinsulate-lined, knee-length coat that originally sold at J.Crew for about $300. The website description goes like… Back in the 1950s and 1960s, suburban commuters inspired a three-quarter-length coat that was easier to drive in. We updated the classic with thick wool, a Thinsulate® lining and an unconstructed shape for an even warmer (and more stylish) ride.


This was a no-brainer for me. I offered $45, and it was accepted. Immediately. I had the coat a few days later. I wore it all this weekend, and today. It’s warm, comfortable, and looks pretty good (I think.) I need to decide what to do with the pea coat which is now sadly hanging here in my office. Perhaps I will donate it, though after 14+ years it is hard to say goodbye. Sigh…



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